Children stronger than war - that's how War Child does it

Break free from war

Children stronger than war? Absolutely. Children are resilient - they see that every day. Fortunately. Do you want to break free from war, that demands a lot from children. They have lost a grandmother, a parent of best friend. Memories of violence are persistent, making it difficult to trust people. Just as stated. Or fall asleep.

Bringing a child out of the war is one - but that does not take the war out of the child. War Child knows how to do that. From experience and from research. This way they know for sure that what they do works.

"We believe in the power of children"
Tjipke Bergsma, director of War Child Holland

War Child stimulates the resilience of children
War Child fits in with the world of children. Singing, playing, dancing, they improve their resilience. And they work with parents, teachers, and communities. In this way children get everything they need to build a peaceful future. With the right specialist support, they can easily do that themselves.

If only it happens
Who provides specialist support? War Child doesn't care. If only it happens. That is why they share their expertise. In the field of psychosocial care, education and protection. With partners and listed. With everyone who wants to help. Sharing their expertise - that is how they increase their reach.

100% of the ticket sales for War Child
Just like with our concert in 2009, War Child receives 100% of the ticket sales. In 2009, this yielded more than € 75,000.

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